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The Hub Advice Project is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to support the most vulnerable asylum seekers, refugees and members of the BAME community in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

You can help us reach more people by volunteering your time or services.

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I’m the Hub’s administrator. I’ve been a volunteer since 2009 and help with the advice project and emergency support. Before retirement I was a senior manager in the civil service, working in various roles in different parts of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Chris Cogan


I spent 40 years working as a physio for the NHS, mainly in the community around the country. I particularly enjoyed my years spent with both children and adults with learning disabilities. I have also been strongly involved with the Methodist Church, helping with both our playgroup and the youth club, and in helping to lead various groups. In addition to this, I spent some time volunteering at Cornerstone in Benwell. Helping at the Hub has been a very important part of both our lives since retirement. We have received far more than we have given in this context.



I have been a volunteer at The Hub since about 2006 and without a specific role, enjoy listening and talking to people of all ages and backgrounds especially the children. I am a retired social worker and worked for many years with children and families in the region.



I have retired from the NHS where I enjoyed working in a multidisciplinary team with children. My previous jobs have included working in Africa for a children’s charity promoting health care through working with families in the local community.



I’ve been a welfare rights adviser for over 25 years, working in the communities of asylum seekers and refugees. I’m a long suffering boro fan, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



I am a retired primary school teacher. I also taught French and trained other teachers to do so. I use my language teaching skills to help Hub users to learn or improve their English via weekly classes and informal conversation. More recently I have been coordinating the Hub’s weekly food deliveries to our clients across the city.


Children's Officer

I am the Children’s Officer. I run arts and crafts activities for the children at The Hub. I assist the children with their reading and writing skills during classes. Recently I have been organising activity packs for children and parents to do together at home. Whilst volunteering at The Hub, I have also graduated from university with a degree in Gender, Racial and Social politics.

David Cogan


My background has been in IT. I go back far enough to having been one of the first members of the British Computer Society. I really enjoy acting, and have trod the boards in various amateur theatres, playing parts as varied as pantomime dames and various Shakespearean roles. I have also had a lifelong interest in politics, and stood for parliament in my younger days. I too am an active member of our local Methodist Church. I have really valued sessions at the Hub, and have particularly enjoyed the role, at times, of a surrogate grandad to some of the children who have very few relatives living nearby.


We are grateful to all our dear friends who offered their help and assistance to The Hub Advice Project all these years.

Joan Forrest


Joan Forrest set up the Hub in 2002. Joan has a lifetime of experience working on projects supporting asylum seekers and refugees. Joan decided to retire from her active work with The Hub, but continue to connect with the rest of the volunteers in support of the project.


Legal advisor

I worked at the Hub for nearly five years and loved every minute. I have always had a strong passion for human rights, justice and community building. The project is like one big family and that is a testament to the work we do. I enjoy watching almost any sport, listening to jazz music, and being out in nature. Most who know me well would probably say I’m officially a twitcher now.

Peter Forrest


Peter Forrest co-founded The Hub in 2002 alongside Joan. Peter is a former marine engineer, and was responsible for the original fundraising efforts and expansion of The Hub activities. Peter retired from active work with The Hub, but continues to stay in touch with volunteers and on-going activities.